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Dear Steve
               Just a quick letter with a photo enclosed of me with my truck a couple of weeks ago when we were testing the new car at Barcelona in Spain.


I hope you will regard this as a success for Ribble Valley HGV training, as I am sure you recall I did say it was purely a tool for me to get a full time job in motor sport but it has paid bigger dividends than I could have ever imagined.


I had only passed my test two weeks when David Price Racing in Surrey offered me a job on the GT World  Endurance Championship which I did until the end of October last year, then after a month of sending CV's I was offered a number of other positions in various different Formula's of Motor Racing.


Fortunately last year Jackie Stewart formed the Grand Prix Formula One team and of course for me being Scottish this was where I had set my heart on working, and luckily formed this year they decided to start a Test Team so I applied for the postion of Truckie.
Fortunately one of the Truckies in the Race Team decided to jump ship to Jordan F1, so with a combination of my Electrical Experience and an HGV they decided to put me straight on the Race Team, which means I will be at every race on the Formula 1 calendar this year.


Of course none of this would have been possible if I did not have previous motor racing experience, but with your training I drive what only 90 or 100 truckies in the world drive, a Formula One Race Trcuk.


Many thanks to Keith, John, Manny and yourself for the help and training.


                                                                                        Best Wishes

Hello stephen just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you so much for everything during the process of my training. Could you please say thank you again to John as he was brilliant throughout my week of training in the truck . Am extremely happy I’ve passed it all now and look forward to getting started in work.




Hi Steve




Just thought I would write to say thank you for all your support and help in passing my HGV 2 cat c and HGV 1 cat ce both1st time!




Four days after passing my CE test I have secured a permanent well paid position with a local company and this is just the start of great things.


You gave me the confidence to go for it and because of that and the excellent training I will never be out of work again.




As you know I checked out various other training providers before deciding to go with Ribble Valley, and I am so glad that I chose you to teach me because without your patient, precise and in some ways unique instruction; I am convinced that I would not have been as successful as I have been……………………………….first time passes, there’s no feeling quite like it.




Please feel free to pass my details on as a reference to any prospective student, as I would have no hesitation in recommending your company and would be glad to have a chat to them. It is truly the best move I have made in my career and am earning more money now than I could ever have earned in my previous career, the options are endless. I also took advantage of the free fork lift course and past first time I also took the free module 4 training and free module 4 vehicle hire for the module 4 test need I say once again I past 1st time. I shall be in touch and take the free lorry loader course.








Again many thanks Steve and I will keep in touch and let you know how my new career progresses




Lee Beech



Just want to say thank you for the training it's been top quality passed my class 2 first time , you and John put a lot of effort getting me to test standered in just 5 days. I would recommend anyone thinking about doing it get in touch with Steve at ribble valley HGV his site and his advice gets you through every stage step at a time 
Thank you so much Steve and John can't wait to get the money together for me C+E and ill be back training with you too 
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Thanks Stephen,

I have passed this for payment and look forward to receiving the certificates. Sorry I missed you, another job well done!

Kind Regards

Peter Sherliker

HR Director

Tetrad Ltd




Hi Steve

Thank you for the E-mail with the info on jobs I’ll make some phone calls and send some CV's out and I’ll let you know how I get on

I will let you know if I require forklift or Hiab training ect and I will recommend you to any one thinking of doing there HGV

Big Thanks again



Hello again Steve



Just to let you know that 2 days after passing my Class 1, I signed up with an agency. They got me work at the Spar distribution centre in Preston delivering to shops and petrol stations in a rigid. After 6 shifts for Spar, they offered me a full time permanent job doing the same with occasional cover driving Class 1.


Thanks again to you and John for training me.




Steve Metcalf





I can honestly recommend Ribble Valley Hgv Training Centre for your professional driver training needs, the MD Steve Wood is a hands on and down to earth guy, he really puts you at ease with the introduction to training and they are one of the fairest priced training companies I could find after looking all over the Internet, so if your looking to drive for a living give Steve a call you've as good as passed.

John from Preston

Message:Testimonial regarding Ribble Valley HGV.

When I was evaluating the pro’s and con’s of becoming a truck driver, it was an entity which I was to wholly use to accelerate a means to an end of earning the most money I possibly could within a year. Needless to say I was extremely ambivalent about forking out potentially thousands on the training as it would not make sense to spend a lot of money as a means of saving it! for this reason, as much as I didn’t want to I decided to shelve the notion of becoming a truck driver and try and cut it in a less well paid job as it made more financial sense because all the schools I looked at, wanted around the £2500 mark before you consider the cost of the ancillary tests associated with HGV driving. Eventually I was introduced to Steven by a friend who said his fee’s where cheaper than everywhere else, so I initially went on his website which I found informative and unlike these huge faceless establishments websites, it was personalised and tailored to his way of teaching which I found humbling.
From then on in, the exchange of money was straightforward, everything I needed to study was laid out in a concise manner on the website and Steven guided me through it without obfuscating any matters by making you revise something you don’t need to revise! I believe other schools probably wouldn’t give you the support you need in making those first steps to the drivers seat.
When I finally started the lessons, they were undertaken in a laconic, yet friendly and humorous manner which is obviously very helpful as its a big step up from a car and I was quite nervous about driving – but from day one he highlights all the mistakes which I found works best because although it may seem like everything you do is wrong, it means that the less he talks, the better you are doing so you can gauge your own progress and you have top quality training in preparation for the exam!
In short, I don’t claim to be a better driver at all than everyone else, but he got me through every single test first time and when you consider the state of the roads today and the obstacles you have to overcome as an hgv driver, it is a testament to Steven’s ability as an instructor that he could get me to do this. With all the costs included, I am thoroughly satisfied that I invested in his business because it was alot cheaper than his competitors, very effective and on a lesser note, it was a pleasure to drive with him. Well done Steve!! Many thanks




I passed my test with RibbleVvalley in Preston in June 1977.  Since then,  I have driven in 14 European countries in the 70s and 80s and spent the last 20 years trucking in the USA.  Been to  every state in the lower 48, and every province of Canada.  I have 3 million safe miles  covered, and just retired.  I live in  Beaumont, Texas.  Mr. Binnie was one of my trainers.  Thanks. 


David T. Elgar




Hi Steve.


I’m just writing to thank you for your excellent instruction for my Class 1 licence! You made what could have been a gruelling ordeal into a lot of fun! I have been sending out CVs for 2 weeks and already I have an interview next week, and I’m confident that everything you taught me will be put to good use in the interview and will hopefully secure me a job for life! Thank you again for your patience and for teaching me everything I will need! I will definitely recommend Ribble Valley to anyone who asks me about HGV training in the future! Good luck and I’ll give you the lights when I see you on the road!






Hello Steve,


Thanks for getting through my class one training. I was a relief to pass and not have my legs broken by John...


Seriously though, many thanks to the two of you. I enjoyed the training very much and will recommend Ribble Valley Training to anyone who asks me.


Take care


Steve Metcalf




Hi Steve.

I just wanted to give you an update. Barnes Logistics in oldham
are sending me on a couple of trial runs tomorrow and wednesday. If they go
well I'll be looking at a Job offer. They do long distance work for the auto
industry, transporting car parts etc. Big artics as well, so I wont need to
get started on a 7.5 tonner! I'll let you know how it goes and if I get
the job. I'll send you a pic of myself with my truck! Maybe you can put it
on your website!

Joseph Briscoe

From: Joseph Briscoe
Sent: 01 April 2010 13:55
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I've got that job at barnes logistics. Im driving an artic down to andover every night! Not bad for a first job! Thanks again for all your help steve!


Hello Steve,


Thanks for getting through my class one training. I was a relief to pass and not have my legs broken by John...


Seriously though, many thanks to the two of you. I enjoyed the training very much and will recommend Ribble Valley Training to anyone who asks me.


Take care


Steve Metcalf


Hi steve
Hope your well and business is good.
Just a quick email to let you know since passing my CE test in January I have been driving Cat C for Sunlight laundry.
I went for a driving assessment and interview yesterday with S J Bargh in Lancaster to drive CE and they offered me the job and a start date of 14 October.
Just wanted to say thanks once again as this wouldn't have been possible without the help of yourself and john so please pass on my thanks to him and hopefully I may see you out and about in the future and can give you a wave.
Many thanks
Chris Cook




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Testimonial for Woods Ribble Valley Training Centre.

Woods Ribble Valley Training Centre is our sole provider of driver training
services and has always provided a first class service. We have enjoyed an
excellent working partnership for many years. They provide cost·effective
on time training and have always been available for advice on training.
Their training is in accordance to the Health and Safety Executive
The instructor Steve Woods is both professional, hands on and down to
earth. The courses are well balanced between the theory and the trainers
own personal practical experience. Without hesitation, we would
recommend the training services provided by Woods Ribble Valley Training

David Holt
Managing Director












Hi Steve,

Thanks again for all your help in passing the C+E test,all your training
was spot on an prepared me for every eventuality.
I would recommend you guys to anyone who is considering a
career in logistics.



Thanks again,



Ben Pye

(Passed 30/03/2010)




hi steve and john thanks for all your help i will be glad
to pass on to friends and family the good name of ribble valley
training, To be a HGV

CLASS 1 DRIVER was my dream and with out your help i would
of never got t,So if you are looking for the best to train you look no



Dear Steve,


Just a little note to thank you for all the training, advice and support that you gave in teaching me to drive a PCV.

From starting out as a total novice to finishing somewhat more competent at handling 'The Lady'.

Phrases that you used have become part of everyday language, accompanied me on my tests and will stay with me in my professional driving.


I just have to learn to drive the classic buses and coaches (no power steering - no asb - no syncro gearboxes.....) that I will be dealing with on my day to day driving!


Thanks again - you are very highly recommended by me!


Rachel Fielding.