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Shunter And Banksman

Horse box Guaranteed Pass Course

C1 7.5 Ton using your vehicle

Pay as you learn 


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Yard Shunter and Banksman Training

Yard Shunter Training for

Artics, Rigids and Tugs


Professional & Affordable


Banksman Training



This practical training covers both novice and care.

Banksman / Reversing Assistant training ensures that you meet your legal requirements and reduces the risk of expensive accidents when carrying out reversing manoeuvres. We complete all the training at the employer’s site. 


Our training will ensure that staff will have the competence required to reverse or manoeuvre vehicles by signals either individually or as a team.


The course aims to ensure HGV reversing operations carried out in a competent way, reduce of risk of injury to staff and members of the public and reduce vehicle and property damage caused by reversing vehicles. in

g covers both novice and

Benefits to Employer and Employee

The course is proven to reduce accident rates that could involve injury to staff and damage to goods and property. Employers can also demonstrate that they have met their duty of care under health and safety legislation.



All delegates attending this course must be 18 years of age or above and must have held a valid car licence for a minimum of 1 year. All delegates must be able to produce a valid driving licence.


Which Course

We run 2 courses, a 2 day course for novices or a 1 day course for the experienced shunter needing a refresher. Full training for tugs, artic or rigid shunters.


Course content

  • Understanding the company's safety procedure in relation to vehicles on site.
  • Employee's legal duties regarding the Health & Safety at Work Act .
  • Areas of danger for reversing vehicles on the site
  • Understanding the vehicle and trailer controls
  • Maneuvering and reversing movements
  • Correct coupling and uncoupling of trailers
  • Using the HSE Guide Notes HSG136 standard code of signals
  • Ensure the handover procedure is fully implemented and understood



Delegates will be issued with a certificate of basic training and authorisation to operate. The certificate is valid for 5 years.


Shunter Training 1 Day  £300

Shunter Training 2 Days £550


 Training for Horse Boxes Cat c


Guaranteed pass Course

This like all our training is one to one training

6 Day Guaranteed Pass Course

Free Training Should you not pass first time

Free truck hire for the retest should you not pass first time

Every one gets nervous taking a driving test

Its a no branner your better of with a GUARANTEED PASS COURSE

 After taking the 6 day course Should you not pass First Time


You will come into our training centre for Free training prior to the test

And we will also give you the truck for Free for the test

 This like all our training is one to one training

We will offer you the Free training and Free truck hire for up to 3 Retest

6 Day Guaranteed Pass 

Cat  C  £1195



Training for C1 7.5 Ton Vehicles


Training Using Your Own Vehicle 


Option One Using Your Vehicle :

We can supply our qualified trainer to attend your site the hourly fee is £35 per Hour. Minimum training time is 4 hours subject to location. We suggest a training period from 16 hours including the driving test period for those with experience £560.00


 Option Two Using Your Vehicle :

20 Hours training and test for those with little are no experience £700.00


Pay as you learn 


Pay as you train lessons

We offer a 4 hour block lesson week days £240.00

We Only Offer Affordable Professional 121 Guaranteed Pass Training








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