Vehicle Categories

Small Lorries

Lorries between
3,500 and 7,500kg


7 1/2 Ton

 C1 truck small

Large Lorries

All Lorries over 3,500 kg
any number of axles. It can
tow a single axle trailer up to 750 kg


2 or 3

 CatC truck small

Small Lorries with Trailer

Between 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg towing trailer over 750 kg total weight not more than
12,250 kg

C1 + E

7 1/2 Ton with Trailer

 C1 E

Large Lorries with Trailer

Rigid Vehicles over 3,500 kg towing trailers over 750 kg

C + E


 CE truck small

Articulated Lorries

Articulated Lorries and rigid Vehicles over 3,500 kg and single axle trailers over 5,000 kg or any other trailer over 750 kg

C + E


 CE lorryl small

     HGV - LGV
     Are the same, one is British and the other is the European translation

     C1 = 7.5 Ton
     Provided that you have passed your car test before 01 / 01 / 1997
     you can drive C1 check your licence for cat. C1 entitlement.
     If you have passed your car test after 31 / 12 /1996 you cannot drive C1

     C and C+E
     Minimum age of 18 with a full car licence you can take your HGV / LGV Cat C,
     this is what was once called HGV 3 or 2

     After you pass your HGV / LGV Cat C, you can then take your HGV / LGV Class 1
     which is now called C+E