Some training firms (cow-boys) say they will train you for FREE for your theory test.


The con works like this:- They get you to book a HGV course..let's say 5 days...Thats five days HGV driving.

The first two days of the course are spent in a room, studying for the theory test. WHAT NO DRIVING?!

The next day you take the theory test...that means that you have spent two and a half days NOT DRIVING!

But I thought you booked a 5 day driving course...so did you. What you get is one and a half days driving with a test on day five. But if you fail the theory test you can not take your driving test.

You then get one and a half days drive with not test.

When you pass your theory test you ring them. They then try to get you to pay for more tuition. They say, because there has been a break since you last drove, you need more time or you will not pass the HGV driving test. They even ask you for another test fee because you did not take the first test they booked for you.

You can study for the theory test at home. You can get the manual or CD Rom free from any library or you can practice the theory / hazard test on our site see the Requirements page. Hazard perception test sectionn and Theory test section.

Ring Steve 07711 30 66 05 for more details.


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