Studying For The Theory / Hazard Module 2 Module 4 Tests








The  theory test for drivers of large vehicles



Learn your traffic signs and road markings click here.



Read the Highway Code





 To practice your HGV Hazard Perception Test for free then click here 28 free! hazard perception tests for you to develop your skills.

The Theory Test


This is not a written test, the theory test is a multiple choice test on a touch screen computer. It consists of 100 questions and you need to get 85 correct. You will have two hours to complete the test.
To view the  theory test in pdf format then click here.  [pdf 20.23 MB]  (This file may take a while to download depending on your internet connection speed etc.)

Practice the Theory and Hazard test on this link 

DSA to stop publishing questions used in theory tests

  • Candidates need to understand theory
  • End to memorising answer
To view a DSA video concerning the theory test then click on the image below





The Hazard Perception Test


The hazard perception test is delivered on a computer and you respond by clicking a button on the mouse. You will be presented with a series of 19 video clips which feature everyday road scenes, in each clip there will be at least one driving hazard but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards. This test takes 30 minutes to complete.The pass rate is 67 out of 100

The theory test and hazard perception test are two separate tests. You can take the tests either on the same day or on separate days. Both of the testsmust be passed before you can take your practical driving test,. If you fail one and pass one you only have to take the test which you failed again.

View a Detailed hazard perception test video tutorial to help you understand what a developing hazard is click on the image below.

 To practice your HGV Hazard Perception Test for free then click here 28 free! hazard perception tests for you to develop your skills.



Case Studies Driver CPC module 2


The case studies only need to be taken by new drivers who wish to drive lorries. The test will need to be taken by new drivers who wish to drive lorries from the 10th September 2009. The case studies are scenarios or a set of circumstances that you may encounter in your working life as a professional driver. You will have 7 different case studies each with between 6 and 8 questions. You will be asked 50 questions in total and have 90 minutes to complete the test and need to get 38 correct. There are five types of case studies that you may be asked. 1. multiple choice - choosing one answer from a number of questions 2. multi-response - selecting more than one choice from a number of questions. 3. Hot-Spot using the mouse and clicking on an appropriate area of an illustration. 4. Audio - listening to an audio clip, then choosing one answer from a number of options. 5. Short text - you may also be asked to provide a short text answer by using the keyboard. This will be in a numerical format for ease of response. You will be given your results within 10 minutes of completion.
To view the Driver CPC study notes click here.
To view a DSA video concerning the case studies section of the test the click on the image below

DSA LGV PCV Case Studies



 DRIVER CPC module  4 - Practical Demonstration Test - Duration 0.5 hours

This test is done at the driving test centre. Candidates arrive with a vehicle which they use to demonstrate the answers to the questions asked by the examiner.

You will also be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of load securing using a demo trolley as shown below.

You will need to read chapters 2 3 and 4 from this dsa manual.





Driving Goods Vehicles Syllabus click here [9.41Mb]


Driving Goods Vehicles Syllabus click here [9.41Mb]

Practical test assessing the candidates knowledge and ability in the following areas.

Loading the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use.

Ensuring security of the vehicle and its contents

Preventing criminality and trafficking of illegal immigrants

Assessing emergency situations

Preventing physical risk

Carrying out a vehicle safety check

The above is classified into 5 topic areas with a pass mark of 15% out of a maximum of 20% in each topic area and an overall score 80%



Practical CPC Module 4







































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