Requirements for Driver Training Courses




Obtaining a Provisional LGV / HGV Cat C Licence



In order to commence LGV / HGV Training you will need a LGV / HGV Provisional Licence. For this you must:-


• Hold a Valid Car Licence cat B manual or automatic logo2

• Be certified medically fit
• Minimum age 18

• And have applied for the provisional licence to cover the group you wish to drive  

Changes to driving licence rules in Great Britian click here


Changes to driving rules and driving licence from 18.01.2013 click below



What do I need to do first?


You will need 2 forms - A Licence application form - D2 which you need to complete.

A medical form D4 which a doctor will have to complete

These forms are available from your Local Vehicle Licensing Office listed in the phone book under Driving and vehicle or from D.V.L.A Tel 03007906801 or you can also download them from the DVLA Website (tick D2 starter pack) click here.

You can have a medical with any doctor of your choice. Before you book an appointment ask about the cost as you will need to pay. We recommend that you ring round for the best price or you can google "hgv medical"
Or you can ring 
Fit to drive medicals 01254 825241 say you are from ribble valley hgv and the cost is £55

Ready To Drive Medicals  £50.00 Telephone or email 0161-975-4947  0753926-5659 

 £50.00  for Bookings call: 01282 936900

The normal cost can be up to £140.

Send your completed forms together with your current driving licence to DIP29, DVLA, Swansea SA 99 1BR. Once you have received your provisional licence from Swansea you can then book your theory test and hazard perception test.

Which provisional should i apply for : we suggest cat C this will cover you for all rigid vehicles.

After you pass the cat c test DVLA will send you the provisional ce licence.

Download the D4 medical form

A medical must be completed before you may apply for LGV provisional entitlement.After the age of 45 all drivers must pass a medical every 5 years and every year from the age of 65. The medical is to confirm you are physically competent to drive a Large Goods Vehicle.


The Theory Test


This is not a written test, the theory test is a multiple choice test on a touch screen computer. It consists of 100 questions and you need to get 85 correct. You will have two hours to complete the test.
To view the  theory test in pdf format then click here.  [pdf 20.23 MB]  (This file may take a while to download depending on your internet connection speed etc.)
 Practice the Theory test on this link
To view a DSA video concerning the theory test then click on the image below

The Hazard Perception Test

To practice your HGV Hazard Perception Test for free then click here 28 free! hazard perception tests for you to develop your skills.

The hazard perception test is delivered on a computer and you respond by clicking a button on the mouse. You will be presented with a series of 19 video clips which feature everyday road scenes, in each clip there will be at least one driving hazard but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards. This test takes 30 minutes to complete.The pass rate is 67 out of 100

The theory test and hazard perception test are two separate tests. You can take the tests either on the same day or on separate days. Both of the tests must be passed before you can take your practical driving test,. If you fail one and pass one you only have to take the test which you failed again.
To practice your HGV Hazard Perception Test for free then click here 28 free! hazard perception tests for you to develop your skills.



Booking your theory test


0300 200 1122 or on line click here for booking theory test.
Check, change or cancel your theory test click here.
Book your practical test then click here.
You must have your provisional driving licence We recommend that you obtain and read thoroughly the theory test manual or CD Rom, this can be purchased from most book shops, borrowed from the library or obtained directly from the D.V.S.A. Tel: 01234 744054 also DSA Marketing, TSO Freepost ANG 4748, Norwich NR3 1YX Tel: 0870 243 0123 When booking your theory and hazard test you will need your driving licence number and your credit card to hand.



Case Studies Driver CPC module 2


The case studies only need to be taken by new drivers who wish to drive lorries. The test will need to be taken by new drivers who wish to drive lorries from the 10th September 2009. The case studies are scenarios or a set of circumstances that you may encounter in your working life as a professional driver. You will have 7 different case studies each with between 6 and 8 questions. You will be asked 50 questions in total and have 90 minutes to complete the test you need 38 correct. There are five types of case studies that you may be asked. 1. multiple choice - choosing one answer from a number of questions 2. multi-response - selecting more than one choice from a number of questions. 3. Hot-Spot using the mouse and clicking on an appropriate area of an illustration. 4. Audio - listening to an audio clip, then choosing one answer from a number of options. 5. Short text - you may also be asked to provide a short text answer by using the keyboard. This will be in a numerical format for ease of response. You will be given your results within 10 minutes of completion.



To view a DSA video concerning the case studies section of the test the click on the image below

DSA LGV PCV Case Studies


DRIVER CPC module  4 - Practical Demonstration Test - Duration 0.5 hours

This test is done at the driving test centre. Candidates arrive with a vehicle which they use to demonstrate the answers to the questions asked by the examiner. You will also be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of load securing using a demo trolley as shown below.



Practical test assessing the candidates knowledge and ability in the following areas.

Loading the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use.

Ensuring security of the vehicle and its contents

Preventing criminality and trafficking of illegal immigrants

Assessing emergency situations

Preventing physical risk

Carrying out a vehicle safety check

The above is classified into 5 topic areas with a pass mark of 15% out of a maximum of 20% in each topic area and an overall score 80%

Practical CPC Module 4




The Assessment


Having obtained a provisional licence your driving skills will have to be assessed. This will be carried out by an experienced instructor who will supervise while you drive one of our vehicles for approximately three hours on both public roads and our private manoeuvering areas.

Once the assessment is completed we can then estimate how much tuition you require to take you to the final test standard. We will also discuss the various methods of tuition open to you.


The Test


The test will take place in an approved DSA test centre, with qualified DSA examiners. You will be asked to do a reversing exercise before you go out on the road. Out on the road the examiner will give you directions which you should follow. The drive on the road lasts for about 60 minutes and the overall test takes about 90 minutes.
At the start of the driving test the examiner will ask you up to five vehicle safety questions. These take the form of show me tell me. You need to get three out of five correct to pass this section and the driving test.
You can get the questions/answers from then follow the link to vehicle safety questions under section DT1 Internal guidance document.
 For general saftey advice on how to enter and leave the cab of a LGV click here.


DT1 vehicle safety questions click here  [1.13Mb]

DSA test marking sheet and guidance notes click here[620 Kb]


Daily Maintenance and vehicle check sheet click here   [1.71Mb]




To view videos concerning the practical aspects of the test then click on the images below.

Official DSA LGV practical test part 1
Official DSA LGV practical test part 2



You do not need to take the CPC Test if you are not going to drive for a living, for example - if you move your own horse etc. you do not need to take a CPC Theory Test. You can take your driving test before the Driver CPC Theory Test.



Professional drivers can now find the latest information about what they need to do to get qualified and stay qualified.Click here


All information is correct 09/07/ 2018  STEPHEN WOOD TRAINING SERVICES LTD T/A Woods / Ribble Valley Hgv Training Centre


Directors Mr Stephen Wood  Mr Adam Wood






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