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Do you have less money in your pocket to spend ?
    Train to be a HGV Driver

You too could be earning over £850.00 per week.

£45,000 a Year 

You could earn even more in canada

$200.000 per year


 click here to view a company testimonial concerning the quality and price value of our courses.


 The 6 Day course is running at a 100% pass rate.


Guaranteed Pass Training


Free Training
Should you not pass first time
Free truck hire for the Dsa test
Should you not pass first time
 Summer offer 
Free CPC 4 Training Free truck hire for the test
when you book in
June  July & August
FREE counterbalnce fork lift triaining
 when you book the Guaranteed pass
employment for life course

 This like all our training is one to one training

6 Day Guaranteed Pass Employmant For Life Course

24 hours broken down into 6 lots of 4 hours 121 

Free Training Should you not pass first time

Free truck hire for the retest should you not pass first time

Every one gets nervous taking a driving test

Its a no branner your better of with a GUARANTEED PASS COURSE

 After completing the 6 day 24 hour course, and should you not pass First Time

We will book you a test 

You will come into our training centre for Free training prior to the test

And we will also give you the truck for Free for the test


This like all our training is one to one training

We will offer you the Free training and Free truck hire for up to 3 Retest


Cat  C  £1295

Click here to view one of our  testimonials in respect to this course

 Yes we train the drivers who travel the world for formula one


Warning do not get ripped off to read more click here.



By taking our Guaranteed Pass Course these are the potential savings you could make.

Saving you £385.00 on the driving course and Saving £100.00 on the cpc 4. If all 3 retakes were required and up to date they have not been required this course would save you £840.00 in retakes with the free offer. Free counter balance fork lift training saving £300.00
So this course can save you £385 on the course fee + £350 on the Cpc + up to £840 on retakes free fork lift £300.  total potential savings of £1,875.00 ITS A NO BRAINER YOU NEED OUR EMPLOYMENT FOR LIFE GUARANTEED PASS COURSE....
















































































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